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ITP 589's

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What opinions do you all have on these tires?

I am looking to go up to a 28" tire and these looked pretty impressive. I wanted 28x12x12, but all they come in is 28x11x12. Would it be ok to put this size all the way around or should I stick with 28x9x12 on the front?

Also, what could I sell 2- 27x8x12 and - 27x10x12 Swamp Lights for? They have no wear on them at all hardly. I never put this set on pavement, just mud.
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I have 589s on my 06 Foreman and I love them.....they have a super smooth ride both on and offroad and clean themselves off very well in the mud. Plus from all the reviews, they last a very long time...well, I ran the stock tires on my 1998 Fourtrax 300 til 2004, so I tend to run tires for a long time anyways

Pics are in the gallery of my Foreman with the 589s stock wheel/tire size on them
I had 28" 589's and they were a great all around tire. Just remember that 589's run small so they really are 27"
I have Mud Lites on mine, and I plan to try out the 589's next time I need new tires. I've never heard a single bad thing about them.
Since tires are my first upgrade, I was kind of going back and forth between the 589's and the mud lites. Any idea which would work out / wear better for a 1/2 work 1/2 trail machine?
2 years on the mud lites, havent had a flat. or any issues with them, the rears are a little worn down, but thats normal for mostly 2wd trail driving.
589s might be something nice to try next time, but the lites still have alot of life left.
look in my gallery for a comparison pic of the front 26x9x12 (2500miles+ vs a pretty much set)

What do you mean they run small? I have heard that about several types of tires. Why would 28's be 27's?
Me and my brother run 27" 589's on our froemans and we love them. Ive never had one rub and I dont run any type of lift. They clean themselves great. And the tread wear is unbelieveable. My brother has had his for 2 years and he rides a lot and tends to smoke his tires a lot and he has atleast 60% still. Another thing is they dont tear up your yard to bad like mudlites did.
I hear ya. I am not a fan of the mudlites. I have a buddy that has them and my swamplites put him to shame. I know there are alot of people on here and out there that like them but I just don't. Thanks for the info.
I dont know why they aren't true to size. I heard the rumor of the size difference and measured them, and they just made it to 27" with 4.5 lbs. of air. Plus a friend of mine has 27" Swamp-Lites and his tires were bigger than my 589's were with less air.
Look in my gallery, there are pics of my 26" Mud Lites next to the stock 25" Dunlops or whatever...they are very near the same height, but then again, there is the weight of the ATV on the Mud Lites. I love the Mud Lites, they seem to work great for the type of mud we have down here. That being said, I will try 589's next time, because I hear they wear out slower and do even better in mud.
I have them on my Foreman,and I love them.They don't wear on the road bad,they do well in the mud,hte only bad thing is that they don't have sidewalls.Other than that,there pretty awsome!!!!

P.S.Who give's a $hit about the tires measuring short????as long as there not crappy,then ya'll should'nt be complaining......
i had two sets of 589's, one pair of 25's and one pair of 26's. thought that they were a good tire, they went in the mud good and did good on the trails. they wore good on the road too. i think you would be fine with the 28-11-12 all around. since you have a lift i think you will be ok. they might rub a little when the handle bars are turned all the way but other than that i think you will be fine.
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