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ITP 589's - 27s - They're not 27" tall!!!

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Last night, after putting my 29.5s on we decided to measure all our tires.

Here's what we go:

ITP 589's 27*10*12 = 25.25" tall
ITP MudLite XTRs 27*10*14 = 26.85" tall
Highlifter 29.5s = 29 inches tall.

The ITPs had the same pressure in them.

That just seems way off for an advertised 27inches. He's put a call in to ITP but has not heard anything back.

Has anyone else noticed this or know why????
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Try the ITP's at max pressure, i'm sure they will be close to advertised heighth even though most of us only ride with 3-7 psi in them.
Tire height depends on how they are measured. On or off the wheel and what the width of the wheel and tire pressure. The are probably measured off the wheel in the factory.
Whats the correct tire pressure for them 589's?
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