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itp 589 weight

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does any body no how much itp 589 28'' weigh / will thay do beter in mud than zillas cause there lighter?(have honda 96 400 stock.)
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not no but **** no they cant out do zillas
fronts weigh 28 lbs. and the rears weigh 32 lbs.

so they would be real close to a 28 mudlite and should out do them in mud right??
In my opinion the 589 is better in the mud than the mud-lite. Also check out the Outlaw MST's I have them on my wifes Grizzly 350 and they are better than the 589's and weigh about the same
(p.s. I had 589's and they were good but the MST's ride smoother than stock tires)
IPT 589's weight 29lbs for the front and 32lbs for the rears. The Mud Lite's XL's are about 28lbs for the front and 30lbs for the rear. I have Mud Lites XL's and love them, because I do not ride only in mud, but also hard pack trails and rocks. Both are excellent tires, really come down to looks I would say, but Mud Lite XL's might be abit cheaper $$$.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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