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ITP 589 sizes...

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a guy told me that he has som 589's that were size26 i think, and they measured 25 when they were mounted and on the if i get 28's they will actually be 27"??

I haven't been able to find anything on this subject....

if i get 28" tires, dammit i want 28" tires...that extra inch that i am losing may be needed one night deep in the woods and mud.

plus, guys get angry when they lose an inch...hahaha

just thought that i would throw that in...
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Yea that is true because mine are 27" and measures around 26". But if you put like 30 psi the would measure the size but then the ride will be stiff. But I like my 27" with about 5 to 6 psi. I would still get them though these tires are great for everything. Towing, trail riding, mud, and so forth.

i think i will get them b/c of all the good things i here about them.

i saw a guy here the other day had 26" outlaws on a rancher 400 and he said that those tires were too much and were putting a strain on the drive train...he had the performance kit but it was still tough to turn those things in the mud...

i think i will get the 28" and fill up with air, i don't care how stiff it is as long as it takes me where no one else can go....
I have the 28" 589's and YES, they measure 27" with 5psi in them.
i bought a set of 25" mudlites. they were 1 1/4" short. after reading around i found out that most of itp's tires run an inch short.

that is a good way to keep the advertised weight down, just make the tires shorter. go with something other than itp's you'll be happier.
I just got a set of 27" swamp witches and they are awesome. I was going to go with the 589's but I would have had to get the 28" to get the true 27" that I wanted and I didn't want to pay for the bigger tire. The swamp witch has a better side wall tread and weigh about the same. they ride awesome on the trail and work great in the mud and water. ?They also measure true, I had to trim my fender just a smidge because when leaning on the foot rails in the mud(pulling the bike over) it rubbed slightly. I got them on rattlesnakes mounted to the door for $680. Just my 2 cents. Highly recommend!!!
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