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I just bought a set of C-Type 7 with Bear Claw tires for my AT RANCHER 400. So I passed from size 24/8-12, 24/10-11 to 25/8-12, 25/10-12. In the back, it's look great about an 1/2 inch wider but in front seems to be 1.5-2.0 inch wider and overall it's look that the front is wider than the rear for about and inch. ????

Wheel offset is 2+5 4/110 in rear, 5lb+2 4/110 in front. At one time I wondered if I received 4lb+3 in front but in the catalog is 4/137 for the bolt pattern, it would have not fit I guess on my ATV.


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it is normal having the front wider then the rear when you get aftermarket wheels. to fix it you could just get spacers but if it was me i wouldnt worry about it.
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