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is this carb savable or shoul if get a new one????

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I recently did a engine rebuild when I got every thing back together I cranked it up it ran for a while and then died like it was not getting enough fuel so i rebuilt and rejetted the carb put everything back together and now the carb wont send fuel to the engine it just pours it on the ground
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sounds like a stuck float if it pouring gas out
yea thats what I thought so I pulled it apart to clean it and there no dirt mud or any thing else that would cause this problem
a hole on the float itself causing it to sink or the float valve itself leaking.
Maybe the needle is missing off the float.
mine did the same thing after waiting for me to rebuild her. i opened the carb ten times and finally just bent the plastic floats down, that solved that . also the gas cap maybe plugged just loosen and see.
one last question is there supose tobe a doughnut gasket around the float valve or dose the rubber tip act as the gasket
just brass
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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