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Is this Bad??

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Took the foreman in for its first service saturday, you know valve check fluid change all that. Guy says everything looks great and your good to go.

So I get back home saturday and ride. Ride all day sunday and into sunday night.
Fire it up today after work and notice a small "chirp" type sound as soon as I tap the gas from idle. Never heard this noise before so it has me wondering so I shut it off and go to checking things.

First thing I check is Oil.
TO MUCH. On the dip stick there is a flat spot at the bottom like Im sure all of you know. There is a line at the bottom and a line in the middle of this flat spot. The manual says for the oil to be between these two lines. . Well it is about half way between that top line and where the flat spot ends (about the same distance as the lines).
Now it is not smoking or anything but could this have caused damage?? Is it bad?

I know they say to not overfill a car that it can be just as bad as running low but whats the deal?

Please give me some pointers or opinions etc..
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I doubt this did any engine damage but I would recomend draining it to the correct level. An overfull crankcase can cause "oil frothing" which makes it lose effectiveness and performance loss.
Make sure you are checking the fluid level with the dipstick unscrewed. I just changed mine as well 2.5 quarts.

If it is overfilled, the excess oil will blow out of your crankcase beather, into the airbox. Just keep an eye on that.
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