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Is a clutch kit worth it?

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Is a clutch kit worth the time and money????????
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was for me. I'm turnin 28 laws with just the clutch kit.
Go for it! Gave me some power back to turn 27's. Cheap and somewhat easy to install. Will turn the tires in mud a lot easier.
So with the clutch kit, it's just allowing the motor to rev up higher per gear and it's going to grab better? Whats the deal? Sorry to beat a dead horse.
alot more torquey with the kit, i have 27" vampires and i have a little trouble spinning them in soft sand on the beach and in super thick mud, but other than that they say it lets the engine get up another 500 rpms before it is time to go into the next gear or something, thats what i understood from it...but i went to the beach to ride before i had the kit on and then i went after the kit got put on...after the kit it feels like my bike wants to pull a wheelie everytime i take off, and i have never once done a peel out in sand and just dig the rear end down till im laying frame until after i put the kit in...i have yet to see how it is in the usual mud i ride in yet due to a broke bolt on the front case that you take off that i am extracting and repairing, once i get that fixed i will go riding in some mud and let u know how she rolls...but if u look at some videos of ppl with kits they turn huge tires way way gives ur bike some power that it lost when u got the big tires and whatever else...very cheap mod so you really cant go wrong with it
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it changes the springs in the centrigal clutch for stiffer ones so that it makes the motor rev about 500 rpms before the tires spin putting you higher in the power band which is where all the torque is.
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