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irs and sra

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can irs rims fit a sra ow will they look
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if i put irs rims on an sra fourwheeler how would it look
i think they look goofy personally...i have friends that have 10" rims all the way around whereas i have 10s up front and 12s out back, and i have as much of a problem if not less of a problem going in the ruts they go in when we ride in the marsh...there theory is that the rear big wheels if you had them dont dig down as much but usally im the last one and since all of them have 10s and dig the ruts out when i get to the spot then the 12s push on the side of the ruts and push me through, i think that you have to get of offset for either the front or the back but im not really sure
I thought that the IRS rims had too much backspacing to put on the rear of a SRA bike, could be wrong though.
bnjeep is right

The spacing is different, most of the time when buying new tires and wheels they will ask what bike you have for that purpose. The offset is different with SRA to IRS
rear IRS wheels are the same as our front wheels, wouldnt like right at all.
I had an '05 Brute Farce 750. Got 2 sets of ITP type 7s. 1 set was 12" w/ 25" Bighorns. Second set was 14" w/ 27" XTRs. I put them both on my Foreman and had to put 2" wheel spacers in the back. That brought out the rear to about 48". That was the only issue I had. I ran them about 900 miles like that.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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