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Iridium Plug

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I would imagine its been asked before but does anybody have the Iridium plug number for an '06 Rubicon? Much appreciated if you can help me out.
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Here are the numbers for NGK above 5c IJR7A9 below 5c IJR6A9
They are supposed to be good for a very long time. Once you price one out you will see why!!!
Thank you but I have those plug numbers, they are out of the manual and are for regular NGK plugs, tried getting them crossed but nobody seemed to be able to do it. I run an Iridium in my Foreman and love it, just wanted to put one in the Rubi also. If anybody has the Iridium numbers I would appreciate the help.
Well I pulled the plug in my Rubi. This what I have and its iridium.
IJR7A-9 Its also the same as the manual. It's also what came in the Rubi.
It's also the same as my spare. It was about $15
Thanks again, don't know what's wrong with these parts guys here, will have to do some more checking with that number. So the Rubi originally came with an iridium?
Well mine did, the only place I could get a plug was the dealer. From what I have found out since is you should never have to replace it.
But me being me I have a spare on the bike. I did look around town and every body had it listed but nobody but the dealer had one. One place would not order it unless I took 10 as they had never sold one and did not want 9 leftovers!!!
I now have 5k on the original plug.
I just picked up 2 Iridium plugs for my 08 Foreman at Shucks on sale for $5.99 ea.

Shucks is part of Parts America, they also own Checker, Kragen, and Murrays per their website.

The great U.S.A. Every thing is 1/2 price. We are charged double because we enjoy getting it up the ar$$e, Just ask anyone!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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