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Iridium plug?

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Any body have the # for their iridium plug in a rancher 400at?I checked the ngk site,but it didn't list any other than stock plug #'s.preciate it.
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you can 3 or 4 standard plugs for the price of an iridium

i dont think there worth it
i put a iridium in my foreman and after about 20 seconds you could hear the idle drop like it was nothing, i cranked it up with old plug in to hear it then took old plug out and put new iridium plug in and cranked it but i immediatly walked away to go do something else and came back a few minutes later and i couldnt tell it was running till i got rite up to it, bike seems to all around ride smoother and run better IMHO...not sure what the number is for a rancher but for the foreman i think the number was like 5468 not sure though really i know someone knows the number for the foreman but not sure if its the same for a rancher
the plug is for a buddy of mine,I put the iridium in my foreman-It does make a huge difference at startup,I never use my choke whatsoever whereas with the stock plug I had to use it for 2 or 3 mins,I'd rather be riding than waiting and waiting on my bike to idle on it's own.
yea same here, i rarely had to use my choke ever with old plug, when i put iridium in the only time i have to use it is if it hasnt ran for a month or more but i usually go out once a week to let it run for a few minutes
either try 5468 or try is around $7 bucks...i got mine at an advanced auto, they had to go in the back and get it, just ask the guy to look it up on the computer...the number u give him to punch in will send him to the correct NGK number which is like 2 letters then the 4 numbers

thats all i got, i think soemone in the 500 forums has the number in there signature just gotta find it
i looked back on about the 7 page of stuff in the 500 forums and they have a topic about the ngk plug

the part number i saw in there was 5464 at napa which is also the same number i used at advanced auto

and also this number which is off the website Part Number: BKR5EIX-11
Stock Number: 5464
I have a # 5464 in My 06 Foreman, the 06 Rancher 350 takes a NGK # 7803 In Iridium,

Iridium # for the 06 Rancher 400 AT ? ? ? ? ? I have no Idea,

The NGK Iridium 7803 for the 350 Ranchers runs about $12 around these parts. The 5464 ( Foreman) is about $7.
Why the differance in $, have no Idea

I always get better fuel mileage running an Iridium Plug in my 06 Foreman than my buddies do who run stock plugs on the same trail rides with the same bikes. When we fuel up after the rides they are scratching their heads.
Have I told them I am running an Iridium Plug ? "Not Yet"
whats the number for a 450 Foreman, do you know? sounds cool!
QUOTE ("roadrunner":1mk1m3as)
whats the number for a 450 Foreman, do you know? sounds cool!
1998-2004 will use NGK stock #7803 same as the 350 and 400AT. You should be able to get them at any NAPA store for about $7.35 ea. They really do help.
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