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Iridium Plug?

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Where do yall get these iridium spark plugs from? I was wondering if yall just went to like advanced auto parts or something to pick them up! O yeah whats the part number on the one that fits a foreman 500?
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got mine at advance auto parts. the number is #BKR5EIX-11
i had to go to napa b/c no one else around here had them.

they were $10
advance auto has them $6.00 napa is a rip off
hmmmmm thats funny b/c adv. didn't have any...
they do in beaumont,tx

well i am not in beaumont, tx...i am 4 hours east...

i wish i was in beaumont though
ask for # 5464 I picked up 2 on thur. thay told me thay changed the # the plugs I got had both sets of #'s. I think 5464 is adv.'s # The store I was in had 10
Got mine from NAPA.Cost me $6.84 with tax.
What should the gap be on this plug?

why do wish you were in beaumont. a couple of weeks ago i had to drive to Moble, Al. and it looked like alot of good riding east.
the book says 38-43 the plug came 42 so I put it in.
Got mine last week and love it. I went with the gap that NGK suggested .036. When I pull the original out it was at .032. But since I've changed it starts up a lot better than before.
Is'nt it already Iridium ?

I also ordered Iridium NK (5464 = BKR5EIX-11) but when I looked inte my service manual, I notice that : TO PREVENT DAMAGING THE IRIDIUM CENTER ELECTRODE....
Tough the numbers are different, isn't it already Iridium Spark Plug in my Foremen ?
is there a big benifit to the higher end plug. it runs for 10.99 but a normal ngk is 3.59.

so is it worth the extra cash?
I was wondering the same thing , some people say those plugs are bad what do you think?????
i just stick with a stock ngk, i know it wont hurt my bikes
Whats so good about these plugs?
Whats so good about these plugs?
It make your motor go from this...

To this...

See less See more
lol they didnt have a "stock" one on the shelf so i upgrade guess i will see the difference
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