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iridium and snorkel contredicting each other

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I put my new plug in a little while ago and now it sounds like its backfiring out of my snorkel. I dont know what the deal is and plus my top speed used top speed used to be about 55, but now i onle got to 51. I didnt glue the "u" on my snorkel on so i took it off and then got up to 54. Do i need to change the desighn of my snorkel and what is the deal with the plug making it pop at high rpms? sorry for the long post.
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you need a jet kit... rejet and should run like new....
cool i might try that if i can talk my old man in to letting me do this
If it aint running right right the first rule of thumb is to verify the ignition system is alright (put in the oem specified plug and ensure it is gapped right...since it started acting up after your plug change, good chance its the spark plug or wire which may have got damaged after it was taken off the plug. While you got the plug out, now is the time to check the compression to rule out any problems there.Re-jetting aint gonna do anything for you, a carb overhaul will if that is the problem
i shouldnt have any problems out of any of this because my bikes only got a 130 miles on it. Ive only sunk it once but water just got in the exhaust not it it the inatke
sounds like after you installed the snorkel the air/fuel mix changed...shouldn't matter what kind of plug...what color was the end of the plug? was it black or white...

i learned a few things today out in the woods, had a fouled plug, my fuel mix was way too rich and it fouled we took the plug out of my dads and switched them...funny how my bike couldn'trun on the fouled plug but his could?! i don't know why but it worked until i got home and adjusted the fuel mix...
it was black as night
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