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Intermitant Spark....Won't start

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Last fall my 400 Foreman quit so I let it set till now. Yesterday I was looking it over and found that it has intermitant spark. When I push the start button there is little to no spark at all. When I let off the start button it fires once or twice then stops. If I keep pushing the start button over and over and over again it tries to run but will not. It fires every time I let off the start button but no start. The battery is new and at full charge so I know thats not it because it works fine in my 3 wheeler. The air cleaner is clean and its getting gas so I have to beleive that its electircal. The coil test good so that leaves the CDI box, regulator or the stator. Who can tell me what ohm readings I need to check the stator and the regulator? Also is there any way to check the CDI box?

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Well this just sucks

I was sure someone would help a guy out here. I guess not as there have been 66 views and no replys. Looks like I'll have to break down and buy a manual.
What is your email address and the year/model bike and I will email you the ignition section so you can do the ignition tests ...
Thank you for your help. PM sent.
Let me know how you make out .. I sent 3 PDF sections ..
I had to re-send the shop manual sections ... The first email with all 3 sections came back because your ISP or mailbox wouldn't accept the file because of size .. I re-sent the sections 1 at a time and I think you got them this time ..
hey did you figure it out? my bike isn't getting any spark either i changed the cdi box but still nothing can you guys tell me how to check the rest of that stuff i bought a manual on ebay but i haven't recieved it yet thanks for the help guys
I have never had that problem with my bike, but my sled was doing the same thing. It was the stator.
thanks to Mr. honda mechanic, when i get it going ill let you guys know what it was.
Sorry guys I been busy and still have not tried to check the foreman over. I'll let everyone know what the problem is when I have a chance to look.
im having same problem i ve replaced cdi but still no spark , i f u want to test ur Cdi box u have to take all plastic except for rear fenders off so ur down to main frame and chase all the ignition wires to cdi or ecm and test in and out wires with a sharp pointed test light to with ignition on , to see if it is sending awny sort of elec trical current to the starter and coil, ive done these tests and im down to thinking that my ECM is Blown because its getting all the in power but nothings cumming out, and if it is the ECM im Gonna be Another $140 short
i see it has been a few years since this was posted but we are having the same problem. did you ever figure out what it was?
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