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Inter tubes

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Do they make tubes for atv tires? My beads leak and I'm so sick of it. Everytime I want to ride I have to air all 4 tires up.
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Here's what I did: Break the beads down and clean the rim and tire VERY good.Then I used High-tack gasket spray made by PERMATEX and sprayed that on the tire bead where it seats on the rim.Next air the tires up and your all set,the beads will never leak again.
there is a liquid rubber stuff that you can put in tires that patch up holes in tires. my freind had a hole in his bead and the put that stuff in it and it worked good.
How do I break the beads down?
I'm lucky,I work at a car dealership and I used the tire machine at work!
check out I would break the bead and use bead sealer on them easy to remove and your tire guy will not hate you.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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