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I was wondering whether ya'll had insurance on your bikes. I have been thinking about getting it but don't know whether it is worth it. Anybody have story's or recommend it? Is it worth it?
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I have insurance and think it is worth it because if it gets stolen or wrecked I won't be paying a payment every month for nothing.
i dont know about the states but in canada if i get caught without insurance you get a huge fine, so to me yes it is worth it. that plus if it gets stolen
what kind of insurance do u have. How much does it cost.
Heres an outline of my policy.
i pay $323 a year, it covers - collision, property damage, theft, bodily injury
it is well worth it, last year i had a modded out yfz 450, payed state farm 125 a year. one night i came home late from my gfs house and my bike was stolen out of my garage. the next day called state farm and made a police report and a few weeks later a picke up a check for the full payoff amount plus all the mods i did. just keep all your reciepts. yup that 125 saved me 9000. also make sure you secure your atv the way the insurance wants you too. chained up or in a garage, or they wont pay out. hope this helps.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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