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installing pod for 3rd light.

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i purchased from honda a switch to turn off the pod light, it plugs into the factory wireing harness. there instucation so that you have to remove the front bumber to get to the contetion. is there a easer way to intall this?
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I don't know but there as to be, I have had my front bumper off a few times its not that hard but I can't see why you would have to take it off.
how much was the switch?
You have to be able to lift the front plastic up so you can plug the unit into the wiring harness in the front. I just put one of thise in about a month and a hlaf ago. Plus it is a good time to grease all those connections in there while you are at it.
I've never messed with any of it, but it seems to me that you could probably pull a front tire off and do the same thing.
You can try. The only way I knew how to do it was like the directions said. It took longer to cut out the piece in the pod for the button than taking stuff apart to get to it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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