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Installing Jet Kit and HMF exhaust....?'s

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I ordered a performance kit from and it should be here tomorrow. But I have a few questions for the guys that have this stuff installed already.

1. is it hard to install the jet kit?

2. when i change the exhaust, is it the whole exhaust and tubing all the way to the engine?

i figured that it will come with instructions but you know how some companies can't explain things very well...

thanks guys
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1. put the spring and needle in the top side of the carb first. Be careful with those 4 screws on top of the carb they strip easy, so use a good screwdriver.

Then loosen the clamps on the carb and spin it inplace to access the bottom of the carb to change the jet and adjust the A/F screw.

2. The pipe joins the header about 6" inside the fender. You reuse the stock header pipe. The stock pipe can be a BEAR to get out. Just as a warning.

The instructions that come in the jet kit, probably made by DynoJet, are actually pretty good. and have a couple pics and drawings.

thanks grit...

i hope i don't have any issues but if i do i'm sure you know i will be on here asking around..
Check out the form how much power is in your foreman what mods do you have. I put alot of pics up there on the exhaust and the some of the carb when I change the jet to a 170.

i bought all this stuff as a performance kit, but i got the kit in today and there is no jet kit in the box!!!

would it be alright to install the exhaust and air filter without jetting??
You can install it, but your bike will run dangerously lean. You should get a jet kit before really using it.
How much did you pay for the kit? I orderd mine from and it came with the HMF pipe, K&N air filter with a pre filter, and a some jets for $320 ship to my door.
hey wolfe i think i shoulda ordered the utility i gotta wait an extra week for the penland from atvoutfitters........oh well
I have a video of the HMF at an idol and a rev or two but I don't know how to load the video on the web site. But man by just doing the air filter 170 jet and the HMF the Foreman sounds like a beast. Runs really good to I also put that NGK Iridium spark plug too. It starts up better then when I first bought it.
put it up on you can create a free account and then just put up the link here.
Yeah I want to hear it too.
hey guys

i just did the HMF exhaust about 20 min. ago, sounds awesome...

i am trying to change the jet but they didn't send the instructions on how to do that.

i got it from the same website you did bigfoot, same price.

i will check the other forum and print out some stuff if i can so that i can get this done. i will keep you posted...
I have some pics of it just disconect the carb turn it upside down take out the four screws remove the bowl. Take a small flat head screw driver and unscrew the old jet then put the new jet in. Just click the wolfemsn below my pic to the left of this form.
I don't have a pipe?
Heres the video I finally got it up on you tube <a href="" target="_blank"></a> It is at an idol and a rev or two
do you have the quiet core insert?
No I didn't buy that yet but I need to before hunting season. I believe it is only $20.00 Speaking of it I might order it tomorrow or Friday.

my bike is in pieces and i am still confused.

with this "kit" that i got, it is only 3 jets in a plastic bag.

i installed the 170 jet nut don't i have to adjust something else to get it to run right.

once i find out, i can put this baby back together.
Yes their is a fuel mixture screw in front of the bowl it is in a shape of a D. Grab a needle nose plyers and turn it all the way down the back it out 2 1/2 turns out. Thats what I did and mine runs perfect. It even started up with no problems.
i tried that

i tried that needle nose pliers thing but i couldn't get it to turn, it looked as though it was going to strip it if i kept trying...

there isn't enough room in there to get a grip at it...
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