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Installed Snorkel, now won't idle??

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I just installed a Triangle ATV snorkel on my bike and also re-routed my carb vent lines up to the pod. Once I did that, my bike won't idle and will die. It does it even when the bike is plenty warm from riding for hours. I'll just stop, click it down to nuetral and it dies. When I first ran my carb vents up, I just T'ed the two together and ran one line up to the pod. Thinking that that might be the problem, I removed the T and ran two seperate lines, but it would still die. I turned my idle speed up and it will run fine now, but just idles really high. Is there something that I need to check on so I don't have to have it idle so high to keep it running. Also, on a side note and another questioin......When my bike is warming up, and you give it a little gas with the choke on, it makes the engine really miss and makes a loud knock noise. Does anyone else's do that too?? Thanks for your help.
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I don't have a snorkel or know that much about them but I think from what i've read that you may need to rejet or adjust your air/fuel mixture.
I was going to try to adjust my needle the other day. When I pulled it out, it only had one notch for that little clip to go onto. Am I adjusting it in the right place or is there somewhere else to adjust it???
you need to rejet the bike. that is where problem is
I think most folks on here are runnin' a 170 jet. I don't know if it's a oem
jet, or an aftermarket size, but you definatley need to rejet. Folks that have
a 500 Foreman from what i have read are runnin' a 170 jet.
yeah i'm about to have to rejet cause mine was doing the same mine just misses a bit in the top end of 2nd and 3rd. As soon as i get the new jet kit i should be good to go. I looked at my main jet yesterday and only had one notch on mine too. The AF valve is on the bottom of the card and is bitch to turn....needs some kind of special tool from honda. I just eventually worked mine out with a flathead screwdriver and then made me a slot in the end of it with my dremel so that i can adjust it on the fly. Only thing is you have to somewhat take out the carb to get to the bottom of it.
Yeah, guess I'm going to have to rejet it too. Im just going to wait a little while so I can put on the jet kit, K&N, and exhaust all at the same time. I just need to decide now wether to get a Supertrapp or HMF. Thanks for your help guys.
What size hose did you run. I just did a friends bike ( Foreman 450 )with 2 inch vacume hose. He did not have a jet kit. The bike would pop and sputter until you covered 1/2 the snorkle, and then it ran fine. It was too much air. I told him to get the jet kit and it would help. Once he installed the main jet, the needle jet, and the spring, this compensated for the extra air. It runs like a scalded ape now. Food for thought..
sounds like you installed it wrong rovmike. you should take it off and reinstall it using the instructions. but first I would check the snorkle fuse.
What is a snorkle fuse?.. Never seen one
Rincon 650 I went ahead and put a snorkler on my 500. Finished it tonight. I ran all both diff. vents and rear brake and fan. I have not ran the carb vents yet. Does the 500 have two carb vent hoses sitting on top of the carb. Do they need to be teed together and ran up to the pod. Anyway my bike is dying when you stop. It does seem to have more power but it won't sit and idle. Please give me any help you can. What did you do with the carb vents on the bikes you have done.
Very funny rjv, at least my snorkel is not stuck in the mud at the bottom of a pond!! Maybe there is a celphone in that snorkel in the pond too!!!
yeah run both the carb vents up to the handle bars too.....then you can adjust the idle on the bottom of the carb and that will help you stay running while in idle position. just turn it left a little bit and you'll idle a little higher
best thing to do is go to napa and get some tees and wahser fluid lines and run both carb vents to the tee and up to bars, rejet bike with 170 jet and 2 1/2 turns on a/f screw, needle on 2nd or 3rd notch, i cant remember. jet kit will have new needle and carb spring.
Thanks for the ideas, brodie the needle know only has one notch, I tried that last night. I rod it today and it sat there and idle for 10 mins. I also have a uni filter to put on it . If it contiues to run and idle good do you think I should still fet it.
Duck4x4..Sorry so long getting back with you...a little tied up. They are correct. Run both up under the handle bars. You should be fine. Keep me posted.
Do you think it will help to put the uni filter on it. I am going to ride it some more and check the spark plug to see what it is running like as far as rich or lean. Do ya'll think it would be better for me to get the jet kit. I want to keep the stock exhaust. Thanks
at least the new snorkle was 5 bucks unlike the cell phone. talked to an atv guy he said your on the right path get the pipe and filter then re jet. hope all is good on the boat
I ran the bike again today. It wouldn't idle until I had rod it for a while then it would idle. I've got to get the kit for the uni filter to protect it before I can put it on. Then I guess I will get the jet kit but I want to leave the factory exhaust. Why do you buy a filter and then have to by a kit to treat it with before you can use it.
It helps to oil the filter before you install it. Why?...... Because someone told me so.. Thats as deepas I can go into that one. Someone will pipe up and explain so I can understand too.
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