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Installed Perfex kit on '04 450, but the kit was for a 400!!

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I purchased the Perfex long travel kit for my foreman from a parts place online. It was only $80, and I thought that was a great deal. However, after getting it, i noticed on the package it said it was for a 02-04 foreman 400.

I thought that was just a misprint or something, because i thought they only made foreman 450's for those years???

I've got the front kit installed now, and it did have to be slightly modified to work on my foreman. The main thing was a little of the main brackets for the front had to be ground out so that the shock would sit all the way in. It seems that the foreman 400s must have smaller diameter end-links on their shocks.

However, that's all it took to get it to work on my foreman.

I've not done the rear though...

My question is this.

Does anyone know if there are any big differences between the kit for the 450 and the 400? Should the rear be OK to work on mine? And is the front kit giving me all the benefits i should be getting? Like, is the front shock placement similar to where it would be on the kit for the 450?


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The rear is the same on both bikes, just different shock lenghts and the front the only difference is the 450 shock mounts are alittle wider than the 400 shock mounts.
Thanks for the info! I got the back put on tonight without any issues.

The rear is REALLY SOFT now. Its a much nicer ride. The front, is softer than it used to be, but i think i MAY need some new shocks. It pushes down really easy, but doesnt come all the way back up. I can pick up on the front and it comes all the way back up, but just sitting there it doesnt. The front doesn't rebound near as fast as the rear does either.

I think i may get some new shocks for it when I take it in to get the wheel bearings replaced. Extended warranties are great...

HL front springs will make a world of difference. I only had about 400mi on my stock shocks/springs and when I put on HL springs it handled way better. I didn't notice any difference in ride quality but handling is much improved. Get 'em.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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