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Info. on hona foreman 500es

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I am looking to get a new 4-wheeler. i want the foreman es but i have heard good and bad things about them! iwant to know if they tear up eaisily, or are they good dependable 4-wheelers?{ i will be in the mud ALOT]
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I'd recommend the manual shift "S" model.Less electronic stuff to go wrong.After all the trouble I've had with a Recon ES,I'll never buy another ES model anything
I would have to disagree, I have both a manual shift and an ES and the ES is way better in the mud, quicker to shift, and has been very dependable for me and I ride tons of mud. I do wash my machine thoroughly after every ride and have never had a problem.
I ride through mud and in deep water with my (2) sons who also have the Foreman 500 ES. No problems with any of them. We too wash them thoroghly after each ride.
thanks guys thats what i needed to know. does any one else have any suggestions?
thanks guys thats what i needed to know. does any one else have any suggestions?
Foreman's a Honda!! besides every manufacturere has lemons...
I love the ES when in water or mud. However if you don't mind getting your legs wet then go with the manual; less to go wrong.
trust me the ES is great, i sunk mine up to the handle bars this weekend (i dont have a snorkle) and it cut off in the water, so we pulled it out the creek bottom checked the airbox and the oil Put it on a lil hill so the exhaust was lower than the 4 wheeler preesed the start button and pulled the choke it fired up and i rode on i iwll upload some pics later of it

ask gt rider if you dont belive me
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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