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Im new from KY

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IM Bridgette.........Im new to the site.... my boyfriend (FLIP) was so into this site so i came to check out what he was going on about since hes always on this site (EVEN WHEN HES OVER MY HOUSE) shew guys LOL can't live with them can't live without em either.. LOVE YOU KYLE
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Welcome Fliplady
well if it aint my favorite backofseat driver
Welcome fliplady
Welcome aboard Fliplady... Enjoy and chime in the conversations in the forums..
Welcome Fliplady!
Welcome. Looks like he's goin to have to compete for computer time now.
shes startin to get on here as much as me
Welcome to the site.
im new here i ride 2005 foreman es its all still stock but i luv it
hey there....
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