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i'm losing nuts...!!

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i lost about 5 or 6 nuts on my **** foreman...

i keep losing the bolts that hold my winch mounting plate to the frame, so i put in a bolt with two nuts on the back. when i took everything apart to change my bearing i notced that both nuts are gone from both of the bolts.
i tightened them extremely tight b/c i know there is alot of force being excerted on the plate from me pulling out non-honda bikes...

would some of that locktite stuff work for that? i am new to all the mechanical stuff
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yea put a little loc-tite on the threads of the bolt.
yes either loc tite or maybe even a teflon locknut would work also. did you have lock washer installed?
not sure

i don't remember if i did or not...

i'll try the lock tite and see what happens...

can you please check out my post about the bearing....

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