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i'm looking to do some cheap mods, anyone know any?

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i am looking to do some mods to my bike, anyone have any tips or tricks that i could do to squeeze a little more out of it.

like i will clip the carb spring as soon as i get a chance.

i cut off the little mud flaps that hang from the fenders so they don't get caught on stuff. i drilled a few holes in my foot pegs to let the mud and water out.

just thought that maybe some of you guys and gals have done some little things to your bike to make it better for you.
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What kind of riding are you going to be doing? Mud, trails, water, sand, or what?
all except for sand...
A lift kit helps getting through rutted areas. An exhuast snorkel is good insurance on keeping mud and water out of your engine when riding deep. Wheel spacers help on any kind of riding.
i am thinking of getting a lift kit and some spacers...the exhaust snorkel wouldn't help me any...i have my bike idleling pretty high so it wont stall out at all in deep water.

Get you the spacers,it MIGHT help in the rutted areas's.Now that I think of it,a combination of Outlaws and spacers would be a beast!!!!

Get you a suspention lift,from Perfex,or get HL springs....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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