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idle'n with the exaust under water

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what can i do to make my 350 rancher idle under water i was thinkin high comp piston but i want a second openion thanks in advance for your help
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A high compression piston has noting to do with being able to idle under water. The only things that will work is an exhaust snorkel or turn your idle up. If you get a clutch kit it raises the rpm where the clutch engages so you would be able to have it idle higher without wanting to move by itself.
A snorkle on the intake side should be the only thing needed ti idle under water. As long as you have it sealed properly.
but every time that exaust goes under i have to keep it at half throtle to keep it runin and when i go deep i end up stallin out cause i cant keep the water out of the exaust so i need it to push more air out of the exaust faster so it will stay runin what about if i bore it out and then put a high compression piston would that work
You most likely have another problem making it shut off then the water goes up the exhaust. Do you have a snorkel have you extended your vent lines and have you pluged up the overflow/drain tube on the carb.
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Yep check this out and it will help ya out! It might be posted here I don't remember.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... .php?t=785</a>
i got every thing run up high but it is just the exaust cant keep the water out i have an after market pipe on it and i'm goin back to stock because it ran under water better with it and all of my other friend bikes idle under water and there are 250's so i don't under stand how i think if i bore it out and put a high comp piston in it it might just do it o and i no this might sound stupid but the only reason i will not put an exaust snorkel on it is because i like to hear it runin under water
Thats a problem I havent heard of unless the water is being jetted into the pipe with like a fire hose or something like that. I'd say even when you put the stock pipe back on I'd bet you still have the same problem. I think you have something else going on.
Post up and let us know how things work out after changing the pipe back to stock.
so your 350 rancher will idle under water just fine with know up grades know i'm startin to think there is somthin wrong with he vent lines to the carborator
so your 350 rancher will idle under water just fine with know up grades know i'm startin to think there is somthin wrong with he vent lines to the carborator
One of my friends has a completely stock 350 and another has a 400AT and neither has a problem idling under water as long as the intake isn't sucking water in, the exhaust can be buried in water or mud and they both will run all day long.
My 2013 420 does the same thing and it has stock exhaust. I do have the intake snorkeled and the air box is completely sealed as well as all vent tubes are extended. And have 27" gators...and with it being efi you can't adjust the idle. can we fix this or water could the problem be?? My sister, brother in law and buddy all have 42013 ranchers too and theirs does the same thing
Wow dude - A 13 year old thread.
Wow dude-you cant count haha.
Its a 6 year old thread...we got that...maybe we should address the problem at hand lol you know the one about the exhaust sucking in water....

I have a 2012 Rancher 420 and the first time I tested the snorkels the **** thing sucked in water through the exhaust and it had to be winched out and drained before restarting (note this was three weeks after I bought it, yes i locked the motor up 3 weeks after buying a brand new rancher in 2012). There was absolutely no water in the airbox so it had to come from the exhaust. I have watched a 2013 do the same **** thing too. I honestly believe that this is due to the exhaust on the new models. I used to ride with a 2008 and 2013 rancher 420s and the 08 never had a problem but the 13 and my 12 did. HOWEVER!!! (warning: this might be very false and completely irrelivent) my buddy has a 2012 Foreman and he has an HMF with 29.5 Ols and has never had a problem under water...that is why the first thing I plan on buying this year is the HMF Swamp Series XL for mine. I can not offer much more of an explination than that but its a start and more than you did your snorkels wrong because mine are done RIGHT!

If this works I'll post back to here in about six years till then Stay Classy HF'ers!! ;)
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Now that this is a 10 year old thread I thought I comment. My 2001 recon will almost idle and kind of will till I go deep enough. That being said I bought hmf exhaust with down turn end cap, made a double snorkel with uni filter and jet kit, also put big bore kit ,clutch kit, ported heads and carb myself,and idled perfect and it runs underwater like a submarine now!

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Oh yeah and that being said the big bore compression was put to 11 to 1 and I now run 93 octane

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