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Idle Set to low

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I have noticed some of my friends Foreman's return after there first service and they always crank on the first push of the starter.

I have done all my own maintenance and it always takes 2-4 times to get cranked and another 5 minutes before it wont shut off with out the throttle pressed.

All of my friends where doing the exact same thing until after the first service?? The only thing I can think of is the idle is set low from the factory.

Any help would be appreciated,

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Sounds like it is set low It should be 1400 +/- 100rpm.If it is set below 1100 or 1200 the decompression lever doesnt work right and could wear it out prematurely I think.I went to napa and bought an electronic tach it was 40$ and just wrap the wire around your plug wire and voila!
Mine never starts on the first try. I have read on here if you change the jet it will start and idle better.

mine never starts on the first try either...

i have a snork and jet and intake and exhaust.

always, and i mean ALWAYS starts on the second time unless the engine is hot and is shut off and restarted.
Even before mine was jetted for the pipe summer /winter doesn't matter it always fired right up as long as my idle was set correct. You should set it as per the shop manuals "idle drop procedure"
Can some body with the service Manuel chime in and tell me where the idle set screw on the carb is
Never mind I found what I needed over at highlifter,

Just in case anybody was wondering on how to set your idle..
This might be a long shot but my rubi used to idle too slow and die out when it was "cold". Then I realized that I was leaving the choke open too long thinking it wasn't warmed up enough. Turns out it was getting too much choke so now I turn it off after 10-15 seconds and it idles fine.

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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