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Idle mixture

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Does anyone know where the idle mixture adjustment is on the foreman 500?
I dont know if i'm just blind or what but i have looked everywhere for it and I cant seem to find it. thanks for any help.
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The Air/fuel mixture Screw or are you trying to adjust the pilot jet?

The A/F screw is on the bottom of the carb, recessed inside the body of the carb. Its not in plain site unless your underneath the carb.

The Idle adjustment is the black knob on the side of the carb by the drain screw.
that stinks, does anyone have a pic of what the tool looks like or where i can get one?
i got one with my jet kit
imagine a circle - then take a hammer and whack one side
thats it
like a 3/4 moon flat on one side
you can make one easy
look beside the carb bowl - toward the front i think
its recessed in - about in the middle
find a piece of tubing that barley fits on the outside of the adjuster
and flatten one side - with a chisel or something - good to go !
if you need a pic - let me know - ill post one for ya .
Thanks snowman, i think ill be set now.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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