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idle and choke issues

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help me out ... if any Rubi owners have had this problem ...... when o start my Rubi i always have to choke and usually have to leave it choked for a long time before i can take it off of or get going .... i can't just choke and start it and not get going .... it will go dead unless i leave it choked the whole time ...... could this be idle issues? do i need a good tune up?
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i dont know if this helps or not but on my 05 foreman 500 we have to choke it to start then i have to let it sit with choke on while it rev it for like 2 minutes. then most of the time i have to leave it on choke while i pull it out of the garage and leave it liek that for a minute or so then i turn the choke off and it is usually fine by then.
I do the same as jwjr on my 450
thanks guys .... but it just seems like it's getting worse or maybe it's just me and it's even worse when cold, but i used to have a 300 foretrax back several years ago and i remember it having these similar issues but i just can't remember it being this bad.
I have to drive around for a while with the choke on too.I have a cylinder temp. gauge on mine and it doesn't start to run good until around 250 degrees. It's been cold here the last couple weeks,temps. in the teens.
all hondas dont like the cold that much and mine does get worse when its cold. its almost hard to get it started in the cold or when its been sitting a while
I always have to pump the primer if it's been sitting for a while(more than a week).
I pull the choke run ATV 30secs choke in and go, this is from inside my 55F garage. Going out to plow snow.
I normally choke for about 30 seconds, then rev up as im pushing the choke back in. May have to pull the choke back out when trying to rev it up, but normally it works on the second or first try. It doesnt work after that I resort to the primer and she runs like a top after that.
where is the primer at?
Pull off the side cover on the right side and look up to the carburetor,you'll see a black knob sticking out the right side of the carburetor,that's the primer.
thanks never though fourwheelers had primers
I didnt know mine had one for a good while. Was messing around doing something and seen the button and got curious as to what it was. On 01-04 rubicons it's kind of a pain to get to.
is that right side as in gas side or on the other side
u all are not lucky i never have to choke the foreman
or are recon or are rubicon....
QUOTE ("JWJR":5qacb14f)
is that right side as in gas side or on the other side
That's right side when you're sitting on the ATV.There's a plastic cover that you remove to get to your pull start cord,That's the same cover to access the primer.
yep thats the one i was thinking it was i just havent gotten out to the bike to look at it
Mine was like that till I re jetted and now it cranks right up.
^^Yep, rejetting makes a world of difference when it comes to start up. Temp has dipped down to around -16*F and I have not had to prime yet. Pull choke and before I can let off of starter button it is running. I do let it run for at least two minutes before I even mess with throttle. Honda's are just cold blooded.
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