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2010 Ranche ES that I have owned for 6 years and ride a lot

I've hit a wall. Nothing I read seems to address this issue directly. Lots of similarity to other stuff, and I've tried all of the suggested solutions.

Issue: Rancher cranks instantly. Runs like a bat out of **** if asked to. After about 10 minutes or so, when warm it starts to sputter and stall on idle only. If I nurse the throttle and get it past the rough stuff it will run just fine.

What I have done: Replaced the fuel filter and upgraded to new side mount filter (no sign of varnish or other gunk)
Verified that the IACV valve is clean and functioning (with connector wire still on turn, ignition on and it cycles)
Verified the the plug is good and properly gapped
Verified that there is no blockage in the fuel shut off valve (good flow to the pump)
Tried running on the Reserve, same issue
Verified that there are no lights blinking, no error codes showing
Checked the service manual

The manual suggests (page 6-48 of 2007-2010 service manual) that when the IACV is energized that I should hear a beep. I do not. Can't recall ever hearing a beep. However it seems to function as it should.

Could the IACV be my issue? I hesitate to replace a $45 part just because I don't hear a beep.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
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