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I Went & Did It

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I ordered his & her disc brakes today for the Foremans. I was gonna get
the Extreme Disc Brakes, but they were sold out of them. They had 4 sets
of High Lifter Disc Brakes in stock, so i went with those. The High Lifter brakes
were actually $20.00 higher, but he gave them to me for the same price. I
also ordered his & her front bearings. All for $660.00 shipped. Not a bad deal
if you ask me. Now comes the hard part, installin' all this stuff. I've got my
work cut out for me thats for sure. I ordered the Pivot Works front bearings. I almost
bought the Highlifter Sealed bearings, but i have heard that
they aren't worth the money.
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hope u enjoy them as much as we do.
Where did you get them?

Would it be worth the upgrade to disks on the rear of my foreman? It stops good... not as good as the front brakes. But they seem to do better than the old drum version.
I was gonna order from Matt to, but i want the extreme kit. I have heard they last longer and are easier to install. No press work like the HL one requires. I told them i would just wait until they got some more in. Keep us updated on how they work for you.
What is press work? I hope i can do this. I will do it next Saturday hopefully.
I may do a little at a time all week before i go to work. I can't wait to get'm
on. I'm also gonna try to do the bearings. I will probably do them first.
how well are the rear disk brakes garded? i thought about just getting the rear ones but i didnt know how they mounted up.
From what i've seen, the rear disc brakes don't look to be protected very
There is no press work needed on the install of the brakes, just using a hammer to knock out the factory wheel studs and new ones in. everything else is unbolting and bolting on the new parts.
What about the brake pads. I've heard that they have a very short life. What
is a good replacement pad for the HL brakes? Whould the brass pads last a
lot longer?
QUOTE ("Railroader":38ybm8c6)
What about the brake pads. I've heard that they have a very short life. What
is a good replacement pad for the HL brakes? Whould the brass pads last a
lot longer?
dont know about the pads yet, haven't got to the point of them needing to be changed.
They came today while i was at work. Now comes the fun part. Putti'n everything
keep us informed on how well they hold up. You oughta do a pictoral and post it in the how to section.
After sleepin' on it all night, i think i will have it done. It is gonna take me
too long to do it. I work too many hours to find the time to do it. I may do
it myself, but haven't made up my mind. If i do do it, i will post some pictures
& show how it is done. From what i can see, it doesn't look very hard, just
time consuming. The one thing i may have trouble with the brakes is bleeding
them. It is best to have an extra pair of hands to do that.
RR if you where alittle closer I would give u a hand. The brakes and bearings and not that hard to do. Just alittle time consuming.
Heck, it might be worth the trip for me to come to you & help me out if you
are interested. You told me, but i have forgotten, just how far in Louisiana do
you live?
about 3 hrs in just La.
I'm gonna do some figurin' with the cost of gas & everything & i'll get back
with you on this.
You can do it, just follow the instructions and youll be fine. When you go to knock the studs out screw the nut on the end to pertect the threads from being messed up from the hammer blows and befor you put the front bearings in let them soak in the freezer over night and put them in right after you take them out. keep us informed.
I just went & picked them up. All i can say is wow! Talk about being able
to stop. I wish i would've done this earlier.
Cool can you slam on the brakes now and do a front wheelie
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