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I went and done it!

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I have been contemplating the move for over 2 years now. I finally did it. I bought me a Foreman 400 and put the good ole 300 4X4 up for sale. I love my 300 alot, and if I could afford it I would keep both. But I finally got tired of always wondering and made the move! It is kinda high miles, about 9,100 but it runs like a dream.
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It is hard to say when to upgrade to a bigger bike.. But if you feel that you have mastered the bike, then it is definately time. I know letting go of the " ole' reliable " is hard to do, but I think you will be happy. Congratz. Now.. go ride hard and enjoy !!! DON'T LOOK BACK.. Ha Ha Ha
Well, every since 1992 I have owned and ridden some type of Honda 300 2 and 4 wheel drive. I always loved ema dn this one I am selling now is prob the best out of the bunch. But I have always loved the look and feel of the 400 and have kicked myself several times for not buying one new in 97. I came so close, but bought a 300 4X4 instead. I finally decided I was gonna do it and started looking hard.
Well, As long as your happy and it is what you wanted, then good for you. You will never be happy with your bike until your happy with your bike.. If that makes sence.
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