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I want to paint my plastics, anyone ever do it?

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Curious, has anyone painted the plastics on their atv before. If so what kind of prep is there involved or is it not a smart idea. I want either jet black or a lime green. My plastics have already gone to poo and just wanted to change the appearance a little bit. Thanks in advance.
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try the krylon "fusion" paint... supposedly offers excellent adhesion(sp)
to say use that stuff and clean the heck out of your plastics and wipe them with painters cleaning wipes..forgot what they are could also use an adhesion(sp) promoter..
the painter here at work told me there is a special kind of paint to use ill find out he also said its gotta be preped very good. Or its gonna crack while riding
QUOTE ("eurobro":384zn95r)
I want either jet black or a lime green.
Lime Green?? If you do that you might as well go pink the color Kawi's should be.
I would go black or orange (like the old Ranchers) Sweet!
watch it there my race car is a lime green
Easy with all the Kawi bashing
Yeah the cracking is whats got me. Also, this special paint needs to be in a spray gun probably right, they dont sell something like that in a spray can do they?

Truegrit, if i painted my atv pink i think i could get alot of chicks. Chicks dig pink, just not to sure about guys + pink.
My wife wants the racks on the black rincon powder coated hot pink....
QUOTE ("eurobro":8kdbtjhb)
Also, this special paint needs to be in a spray gun probably right, they dont sell something like that in a spray can do they?
The fusrin paint is in an aerosol can. It doesn't require an adheision promoter. But you have to make sure the plastic is clean and free of oils.
And will this paint not crack when there is some flex? Also where do i get some of this?
i painted my foreman with krylon fusion, i dont care what anyone says. its gonna go to crap, on hot days, it gets tacky as ****. i dont recomend it. ive learned the hardway. im gonna strip my plastics and get them professionally painted
Really? I wonder how much it would cost to get prof. painted. Also what would they possibly do different besides maybe more even strokes. If they know what material to use/what to put down first so it stays on then couldnt i get the same stuff along with the info on the how to?
even if the proper paint works, think of the abuse we put our four wheelers through. it would be all scratched up within a few days and the color under it would show and look real tacky. I wouldn't reccomend it either.
now the more you pay, the better it will look and last.

dupont has some paints for plastics that is up to 350 per gallon

ive talked to some painters and they say to mix with a good bonding agent and it should last.

im seriously thinking about getting mine painted silver or maybe like a honda blue with a metal flake... ooooooo yea

I painted mine.

Krylon Fusion paint.
I have had some experience with this stuff after painting 3 trucks with it. Not alot of prep... I just get some fine sandpaper and just rough it up... wipe off the dust and shes ready to paint.
Ive had the paint on my toyota for a couple years now and after HEAVY limb and scratch abuse, I cant see were its comming of anywhere !

Decided to paint the foreman with the same stuff.. I used the same prep.. just fine sandpaper... and rub er down good. I took everything apart that could come apart and painted them seperately ( head lights , outer fenders ,grill, etc..) and make sure to paint the undersides as well.. looks like **** to show the old color from underneath... specially if you got it upside down on its handlebars someday!

oh.. I also added a coat of spray on clear coat to make sure its not gonna scrub off.. ( havent feild tested it yet, still reassembling it)

I can give you tips on patterns etc if you like.. maybe I can make it in the " how to" forum with this... ( I could do up a doozie article)

any questions or comments... please fire away !
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That looks the dogs boll*cks " title="Applause" />
On the down side how long would it last especially where your legs /knees rub???
Looks like you spent some time on your camo job. It looks great. I hope the fusion paint holds up. Regular spray paint starts to flake off after a year or so. Keep us posted on how it holds up.
hey... NOTHING... is too good to use in the mud ! NOTHING... YOU HEAR ME??? lol

thanks guys.. I know for sure it holds up on body metal... im a lil nervous about the plastic... we'll see...

its still a foreman... no matter what color it is ! ! !
cant wait to launch er in head first... there WILL be pics , there WILL be blood !

cheers !
HardGerman - That is a great job. Looks really good. Ride looks pretty good without the racks on also.


As I look at mine after riding 150 miles - the only place you see the red plastics is on the tank where your knees rub. Everywhere else is dirt.

That has to start rubbing off there at some point in time.

But with the clear, it may give it some additional time.

yeah I expect it to rub off... Im not convienced that itll stay on at all on that plastic... I know for sure it works like a charm on body metal... The key to the Krylon is roughing up the surface... like I said 2 yrs on my truck under heavy scratching and still no paint showing through... Ill let you know how it wears
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