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I think we fried the recon

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Well went riding this weekend late getting there when I do friends son Recon is down the throttle is stuck open the top of the carb abd there is water and mud so we do out best to clean everything out good we run out of spray and I happen to have some acetone which I thought would evaporate and evaporate the water. Well we poured it in and then drained the bowl well we let him run it a short time later being the mud magnet that he is he went and dumped it off in a hole. Well shortly after I smell his ride and it smells funny well we find that there is also a lack of power hmmmm sounds like rings but we havent had a chance to check it out. I am just wondering is there a better chance that the water in the engine or the acetone might have caused it. Well guess we git into it soon and see I am hoping it is the mud and water though snorkled he dont know the meaning of stop
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