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i think i f'ed up big time.

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i was riding today and my dad rolled over backwards while coming out of a ditch...he landed in about 3 ft of water and the bike came down almost on top of him...we got it out and he was okay. but, his bike wouldnt start, we figured it was some water in the carb so i decided to just tow it home. it was only about 10 min away. half way there mine started sounding funny so i stopped and noticed that i didn't have any exhaust coming out of the pipe, but instead, IT WAS COMING FROM THE FRONT OF THE BIKE!

I checked everything out and it looked normal so i started it back up and went to take off and it was at full throttle but i could only get up to 5mph and it was winding out and wanting to die.

i really think i f'ed it up big time. but, i don't know what the deal is.
i didn't do anything out of the ordinary.

we got my dad's started and he towed me the rest of the way...i just left it alone b/c i figured that me being angry and trying to take something apart wouldn't work very well...
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WAS COMING FROM THE FRONT OF THE BIKE.. check your head pipe
Yeah that is what it sounds like to me too. Check to make sure that your exhaust is properly seated. If you didn't have that seated right then there is no back pressure and you will lose horsepower. What gear were you in when it was winding out and only going 5mph?
it might of blew out the crush ring out on the head pipe, you need to pull the muffler to see if it plugged up.
i went through first and tried to go into second but it isn't getting the rpms high enough to shift into second...

i will have to take it apart tomorrow i guess.

the exhaust wouldn't just pop out or anything like that huh?

it's been on the bike for months a problem?

btw i am scared of checking my front diff. i have been hearing poppin noises and checked everything but the front diff. first i heard it on the right side, then the i can't tell where it is but it isn't good.

everything was fine and i went through a hole (before i screwed it up) and it wanted to die out and didn't have any power.

i really think i bought a lemon and now it is acting up.
anyone wanna come fix it for me?

haha thanks for the help fellas
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Yeah the crush seal could have blown out too. Also as far as the pipe goes, The nuts could have vibrated out and left you with a hole. I had that happen to me on my motorcycle. Had the exhaust on for a month and started getting bad backfire and found that I had lost a nut.
here is the deal

okay, so i finally had the time to take my bike apart to see what the deal was....

i started with the spark plug b/c it was the cause of my last was fine. then i went to the exhaust, checked it from front to back for cracks or holes or anything....nothing, got to the rear and pulled the spark arrester out CAKED FULL OF MUD! pulled it out and the bike ran fine...

i guess the pressure made the exhaust come out of the slip on part b/c it couldn't get out b/c of the mud...

now the real problem is the front differential, it was making a popping noise when i i took off my stick stoppers and looked in the fill hole and saw that the oil was milky, drained it, and refilled ran fine for about an hour or so then it starting popping again...

i noticed that it only popped when i started off kinda sudden in fwd from a dead stop...or when i was coming out of a hole and the front wheel hopped once or twice...

does anyone have any idea what the problem could be?

maybe it's time for a dgl?! hahaha
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