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I Survived Mud Nationals....Kinda

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I got home from mud nationals today... Looks like im gonna be throwin down some money to rebuild this motor of mine. Apparently my silicone on my snorkel wasnt dry enough and i ended up fillin my air box full of water and sand <_<. Also the girls i was with left my radio on all night so my battery is completely gone now. Anyone have any suggestions on a good aftermarket battery that would power my system and my leds?........Besides all tha stuff i tore up, It was a blast! Lots of people and LOTS of boobies :happy. Ill for sure be goin back next year. Ill try to get some pictures up on here later.
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Glad you survived Jumi next time test your snorkel before diving in, just crank it up give it some gas and cover your snorkel intake try to make it air tight that way it'll pull a suction on your system and you will hear any leaks you may have just make sure your seat is off and it's quiet around when you do it that way you will know for sure. Glad you had a good time can't wait to see the pics.
If you put your hand over it and it cuts off, its water tight then.
it doesnt sound like you servied anything .......a tore up motor and a air box full of water and sand sounds like a shitty weekend to me ........
The snorkel was sealed off good.... When i jumped off to try gettin myself unstuck my boot caught the side of tha snorkel and pulled it out of my airbox enough for water to leak in. Trust me i survived.... I seen alot of people gettin carried away by paramedics and knocked out from fights.
That sounds like fun… I'm ready for the pics.
I made an album in tha photo gallery. Wish i could put all my pics on there but some are a little
It looks like you had a blast.
Mud Nationals was sick! Good time with everyone!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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