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i saw it work, have you?

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i recently rode along with a buddy who had a cell booster in his pickup. I was getting service where I never had before. He unplugged it from the lighter socket to prove it to me and my phone immediately went to "NO SERVICE". He got it off some wireless warehouse site.
Has anyone else been around these?
I want some feedback on different terrain before i go and order mine.
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nevermind, i saw it work with my own and ordered it yesterday

Here is a google search article i found on them:

Richardson Electronics Launches Call Capture Brand of Cellular Signal Enhancers
Business Wire, March 30, 2005 LAFOX, Ill. -- Call Capture to Debut at Rural Cellular Association (RCA) Tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada

Richardson Electronics (Nasdaq:RELL), a global provider of engineered solutions for the RF and wireless communications market, today announced the unveiling of the Company\'s new proprietary Call Capture™ brand of cellular phone signal enhancers. The Call Capture brand features a complete line of cellular phone signal enhancers designed for in-vehicle use to improve the signal strength and coverage of cellular phones when used in automobiles. The product will make its consumer marketplace debut at the Rural Cellular Association (RCA) tradeshow, March 29 through April 1, 2005 at the MGM Grand hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Call Capture offering reinforces Richardson\'s position as a leading provider of new and innovative RF and wireless communications solutions.

With the increased demand and use of cellular phones in today\'s consumer marketplace, Richardson has designed the Call Capture cellular signal enhancers to accommodate the usage of cellular phones in today\'s operating environment. With over 400,000 Call Capture systems already sold to automobile manufacturers, Richardson believes its new consumer based product line of cellular signal enhancers will fill a void in an untapped market.

The Call Capture cellular signal enhancer features include the following:

-- Wireless - No physical connection to phone
-- Easy do-it-yourself installation
-- Dual band (operates at both 800 and 1900 MHz)
-- Compatible with all cellular service providers
-- Increases signal strength up to 10 times
-- Reduces the number of dropped calls
-- Increases call clarity
-- Extends cellular range for voice and data
-- Compatible with Bluetooth® hands-free devices
-- Phone operates at reduced power level
-- Operates with multiple phones simultaneously
-- Meets QS9000/ISO9001 standards
-- Compatible with all wireless data cards
-- Designed and manufactured in the USA
For product availability and further information on the Call Capture cellular signal enhancer, please visit

About Richardson Electronics

Richardson Electronics, Ltd. is a global provider of "engineered solutions," serving the RF and wireless communications, industrial power conversion, security and display systems markets. The Company delivers engineered solutions for its customers\' needs through product manufacturing, systems integration, prototype design and manufacture, testing and logistics.
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well, i got it this AM, and let me tell you, I wouldnt let alot of people i know try to install it. If you cant install a CB, 2way, or stereo it will take some trial and error.

If the antennas arent right, or the inside receiver is too close to metal, or you place your outside antenna too close to the edge of the roof, or your extra cable is looped together instead of strung out, You will NOT see much improvement (only 1 bar).

but after 45 mins of moving things around I get 3 bars more with the booster plugged in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I drove to my known dropped call areas and talked right through them with 2-3 bars. Seeing is believing and so is Using!
How much was it?
got it for 228, just also found out that it boosts my laptop's Aircard so now I can surf nearly anywhere too
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