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I sank it now what?

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What all do I need to do I sank my foreman today. Had to take the spark plug out and pump the water out. I know I need to change the oil and filter a lot but what else?
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I replied to your pm. Sorry it took a while, we were in the woods over the weekend.
That is the main thing, go get some cheap oil and fill it up, run it, drain it and repeat until no milky color. About 6 to 10 times, then change the filter and check your diffs and stuff if you wish. If it has a hard time running you might need to drain the carb, if you got it real bad you might have some water in the gas. Hope you get it running back to normal, you shouldn't have too much of a problem.
Thanks bnjeep and Truegrit! I think we got it! And I'm going to be staying out of the water for a while now, well at least longer then 20 mins into the first ride of the day!
I've been in your shoes a few times myself. It's a bad feelin' when you sink
it. I usually change the oil about 10 times before it is good to go. I've only
sank 3 or 4 times & hopefully i won't do it again. I haven't had that problem
since i snorkeled them.
I guess I will change it a few more times than what he said then. What do you guys do? Ride it for a few miles? Go on a ride? How many times do you change the filter? I want to snorkle it all the way but don't know if I'm that mechanically inclined. Wish I was because I love the water! LOL
Drain the oil, take the old filter out, put the cover that you take off to get to the filter back on, filler er up with some cheap oil, run for 2 or 3 min in neutral, let cool, drain the oil, put plug back in filler back up and repeat until you have no more milky look in your oil...................usually it would take me about 6 times doing this to get it all out when i had my rancher i got water in it every single time that i would go out..........but i would do it more just to be sure
snorkeling is not very hard if i can figure it out you can just use 1 1/2 in pvc coming out of the airbox with a 90 degree bend and snake it up to the front about half way though use a rubber connecter and go from a 1 1/2 in to 2 in
stand on the side of the body of water, salute, hum taps
The next time you get water in the engin run alittle marvel mistery oil through it with the first oil change, its suppost to bond with the water so you will be able to get it out of the engin. Havent tried it tho. My buddy just swamped his 2000 honda foreman 450, broke a front tie rod, and blew his rear u joint and yokes to **** and bent the shaft commin out of the trans all in one day, so he bought a brute force 750 hehe, im alittle jellous.
sounds like he had one of those very unlucky days
I rode with a guy with bf 750.........and as much as i hate to admit it............i likey
I don't like the bf myself. I have never rode one but just from sitting on one it would I think it would be too plushy for me, I would just lean one way and the whole bike would lean that way. I don't know maybe that's a good thing?
I just wish honda would drop a twin in a bike, heh, i'd be addin a new payment
Heck i wish honda would step up to the plate and start adding some real options, Its bull that the rincon dosent eavin come with a locker or low range, heck if it did i would prob own one.
the lack of low end is the reason i got the foreman, a rincon S would be very nifty *hint hint honda*
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