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i needf a decent 4 wheeler

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ok after i blewup my rhino an hour ago i decided i hate it and it needs to go, wat is the most reliable honda they make, i plan on puttin 28-29 laws on it and havin a snork, how does the foreman rubicon's tranny hold up to laws and can a forman s handle 29-10s all the way around or will something break, please i need honest ansers
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the rubicon has great torque i dont know how well the trans will hold up to the tires a friend of mine has a ruby and has 25 big horns on it and those tires go any where even wiht him as the rider (no offencec but he rides like a bitch) the 450 has good torque too i only have 25s on mine now but plan to go up to 28s and from what i hear they can spin them no prob and dont usualy break hope i was of help to ya
if i was you i would go with the honda foreman 500 s. about the same thing as a rubicon but does not have auto and i think that is a good thing. my last 4wheeler was a rubicon and it was a great bike but alot of things went bad, such as sencers,tranny,and oil pump. if you dont mind, what made your rhino blow up? deep mud with big tires? my dad is thinking about getting one just to ride around in, not to mud in.
yea i blew it up mud ridin, raggin the **** out of it with big tires and lift
My Ruby has been nothing but great. I don't have huge tires but, I am running 26" Ducks Unlim Wetlands, and am moving in to the 26" Swamp Lites. Never had a major prob though. Great bike!

Most reliable I do believe is the 450 Foreman.
I have not had A one problem with my Rubicon

I have 26" Bighorns and about 300lbs in the front and rear box's
I don't have much mud around here just extreme Dust,Temps
and trail conditions

The transmission is awsome it's like having 3 diffrent Machines
My Ruby with 27" Claws does just fine. Not one problem with mine and I thrash the **** out of it. Foreman S/ES is a more simple design which in my opinion translates to less problems.

Good luck, they're both great bikes.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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