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Ok Honda gurus I need to ask a performance question....I have not done any mods to my 2000 foreman 450es and I am tired of only being able to go through mud holes in first gear without bogging down. Help me spend a budget of 1000.00 I want to be able to spin these 27"s in 2nd gear. By the way thanks dirty4man for the help with the water in my oil. The water was getting in from my pull start the cord was out about 2 inches dont know how that happen. I have been told to spend the money on port and polish and boring. Thanks for the input guys....
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No problem, that's what we are here for, to help out each other.
An aftermarket exhaust, aftermarket air filter, jet kit and clutch kit are the normal mods for a foreman. These mods will help you out with the tires you have now. But if you decide to go with a more aggressive tire, you will be back to first gear.
if u got 1000 dollar get a gear reduction and pipe and jet kit and ul probly turn em in third
my foreman rode water wheelies in second gear when it was a stock motor with 28 gators and look at my profile the stuff ive got will make it turn em in second gear and it aught to try in third, mine will
I have a 99 450s with 27" Gators and too found myself going to first to get through the goo. After I put on the aftermarket pipe and cutting one inch off the carb spring I can now use the second gear for mud.

One day I'll get a K&N filter and jet kit, then we'll see how much more I can do.
turnin 27s

well ive got 28 inch mudlites , and i spin them with no problems . i got a 03 450s with an k+n filter and a big gun pipe and it hasnt met a mudhole that it hasnt tore to pieces yet !!!!!
big4fifty4man I also live in Grimesland......How much did it cost you to bore yours over put the piston in and port and polish the heads? I cant find anyone that does the work around us.......
wazzup man it, was about 650 for the boreing, hi comp piston, the valves ,the springs, the seats, the guides, the rings, the porting and polishing, and the shaving i knew the guy pretty good though
whats your first name man
its Allan.....If you know the guy and he wants to give me an estimate I may let him do the work...let me he local?
hes out of washington and im not sure he'll give you the deal he gave me and youve got to know the spec.s like how much you want to bore it and if you want to get a high compression piston and shaving and new stuff it will not be cheap
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