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Howdy y'all,

I'm from Florida, and my carb is set up to run great down here in the heat and thick air. However, right now, I'm up here in Tennessee hunting, and the honda is DYING!!!! I've looked at the carb, and found the idle adjustment, but can't find the screw to adjust the air fuel mixture!!! HELP!!!!! I need to get a little more air in the mix so that the bike can run in these mountains. It's a flat lander, and needs help. I've been on bike bandit's web site, and looked at the diagram they have there, but all it says is screws, it doesn't show which one is the fuel and which one is the air and as I'm not that carb friendly (would you believe it for a *******) I'm not really sure what the heck I'm looking at in the diagram!!!!! I know some of the items( float, bowl etc....), but not all.....

Thanks a bunch y'all


PS it's a 2002 Honda Foreman 450S THANKS AGAIN!!!!

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Thanks for the pic, but what view am I looking at here. Top Down, Bottom up, Front. Sorry, ya kinda have to walk me through this one a bit. I noticed the "L" shaped piece on your drawing, but can identify it to know what view I'm looking at.

Thanks again

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I believe that is the bottom. That is where the air/fuel mixture screw is.
Believe me, if i can find it & do it, anybody can. Good luck.
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