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I need more pulling power.

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Me and my dad tied our four-wheelers together and he out pulled me. He has a 700 grizzly and i was wondering if there is any way possible to upgrade my foreman to out pull his Gizz?
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Wow that is a tall order! As a list these would help not in any specific order
Jet kit and filter- close to a horse, more responsive
exhaust - maybe 3-4 hp
BBK with slight increase in compression - 3-4 more HP.
That's about all that that is available for our bikes at this time.
I have written emails to several companies asking them to develop a stroker crank and webcams for a new cam also.
Oh yeah you could also get a clutch kit. This would put your bike more into the power range before getting the tires spinning. This along with the jet airfilter are probably the best places to start.
GL let us know if it makes a difference.
QUOTE ("yellowbeast":1pm47nbe)
Me and my dad tied our four-wheelers together and he out pulled me. He has a 700 grizzly and i was wondering if there is any way possible to upgrade my foreman to out pull his Gizz?
I hate to say this, but just go by a Brute. My buddy just bought an 07 750i, that thing is a beast. That said he only goes faster with more torque in a straight line. The bike is kinda top heavy, we both run 27's and I have a 2 inch lift and still out manuver him on the trails.
If money is no object, get the can am 800. That out to give you a run for your money!
shoot i guess i wont get into a pulling contest unless i know im going against something smaller, but i am happy that my foreman can pull my '01 ext. cab tacoma up my front yard!
buy a bigger bike, or do it again in 4 feet of water...


honda+water= whoop ass....
yeah, but problem is that he bought my bike about 2 weeks ago so new bike is out of the question. might try it in the water lol
seriously...the water will help......

that honda is like a labrador retriever it loves water

but the grizzly on the other hand, grizzly's don't really like water, unless their fishin...

Just wait 'till the Grizzly falls apart, then pull him piece by piece in a trailer. Bound to happen sooner or later, your Honda will outlast any Yam.
sure hope so, but the other night i heard an awful noise coming from the rearend or tranny i dont know it was bad
Nothin' wrong with a Yammer, I really liked my little Kodiak except for the belt. It always ran great for me but it seemed like there was always water getting in the belt intake. My brother bought it and put some 27" 589's on it and in about six months it was absolutely shot. Centrifugal clutch was fried, wouldn't go over 20 mph (that's if you could get it going), engine was smoking really bad, and there was an awful noise comming from the motor/tranny. Felt sorry for the guy that bought it; I did let him know what was wrong with it though.

Now that I think about it, the Yammer kind of fell apart didn't it.........
yeah it sure does sound like it, but i have to say a friend of mine weighs about 280 and has ran his grizz up trees and flipped it over about 8 times. My friend+Grizzly+alcohol=bad outcome
Just hold all your brakes and let him snap an axle or two then pull him
hey theres an idea
Too bad Honda is losing the displacement wars. Its time they come out with 700 and 800cc machines or better yet a 1000cc
i heard that when Honda comes out with its side-by-side that it'll have a 1300cc goldwing motor in it. I highly doubt they'll make it this year maybe next, but its highly doubtful that it will have a 1300cc motor.
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