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I need more power

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06 foreman trx 500 k&n dj kit fmf pipe

haven't got the jetting perfect yet but i cant turn my 27 inch mudzillas I see a lot of guys running 27 and 28 inch tires on these things will the 500 turn an aggressive tire in thick mud

It bogs in 1st gear in 4 wheel drive and on hills just feels like it lacks low end bad
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Is your parking break on??????? LOL JK! I don't have big tires on mine but it sure feels like it would turn anything over in first gear. Mine's stock for now even.
Mine when it didnt have a hmf pipe would turn my 27" claws fine normally but alittle sluggish in thick clay mud. Now with the HMF I noticed it turned harder in some holes this past weekend (before it died!)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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