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I Need Help!!!

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Hey, I have a 2002 Foreman 450. I have recently gotten it outta of storage, the guy who stored it for me did'nt drain the gas out of it. So after workin' on it I finally got it running. But the promblem is, you have to choke it before it'll start and then you can drive it with the choke on but if you turn the choke of it will not idle. So with the choke turned on it will idle but as soon as you turn the choke off the atv quit's. If you turn the choke on and start moving then turn the choke off it will run but as soon as you stop if quit because it won't idle. I've took the carbarator off and cleaned it and I've cleaned every jet in it ( I THINK ) and I ran some Gumout carb cleaner and the promblem is still there. Can anyone tell me if i've missed a jet or somthing or what the promble may be.
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I'm not a mechanic or anything but what about just trying to adjust up your idle? I don't know if that will help you or not. Good Luck I hope you get it fixed.
Thanks man, but I really don't know if it would fix the promblem. It would idle but it would be idlein' so fast it jerks when you change gear. But does anyone know what the promblem is?
You will probably have to dis-assemble the carb and soak the low speed jet ,main jet ,starter jet ,pilot screw etc. in carb cleaner, sounds like the low speed jet isn't clean .. Do you have a Honda shop manual for the TRX450 ..If not I could post the section from the 1998-04 Honda shop manual..
I've lost it... so if you could post it then, that would be really awesome I wanna get out on the trials.
This is a PDF file on section #5 of the Honda TRX450 shop manual ..

Download File
Thanks man... I'm going to take apart my carb again today. Soak all my jets in carb cleaner. I've already done it once but I did'nt clean it very well. I've got one more question for you, does the smaller jet's hole go all the way thru? Because on the bigger jet you could see all the way thru, but on the smaller jet you can't. So is it not made all the way thru or is it stopped up. I took a needle and tryed to poke it thru but it seem like the hole was'nt made all the way thru. I don't know anything abuot this.
Also if the jets are stopped up then would it still run with the choke off cause it runs it just won't idle.
You should spray carb cleaner in the low speed & air screw hole when it's apart .. There are passages inside that you can't see..
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