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I need Help with My AIRBOX (Gets Dirty)

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I've just recieved my 07 Foreman S from Dealer for repairs on my Engine ( Long story).... I've noticed bike would not stay idled. I've checked my airbox and noticed airbox was taking in dirt . Also the little rubber cup under Airbox was filled to the top with dirt and sand. I've empty out cup and after riding for an hour and noticed again cup was filled to the Top.

I'm planning to go L-Cross this weekend and I know if I take my ATV to the dealer I wont get it back in time for the weekend.

Maybe the Mechanic forgot to tighten something?
Can anyone help ?

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well before you take it to the dealershipCheck all of the rubber gromets that connect to the airbox and the vent sthat run to the airbox also. Make sure that the lid is facing the right way. It says front with an arrow. IM not sure if that will affect how it seals off, but just an idea. If you can figure anything out take the airbox out of the bike seal up the holes with something and put it under water to see if its cracked or something like that
ok thanks ill try that
make sure this stuff isnt getting into the motor. i would check up on that asap, if so it will destroy your motor after a while. just check all the fittings around the air box and stuff, make sure nothnig is broke.
I've just recieved my 07 Foreman S from Dealer for repairs on my Engine ( Long story)....

Come on tell us the story you know you want to LOL... The air intake pipe clamp loose or like yellowbeast said make sure the cover is on properly .. let us know
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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