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i need help lifting my bike

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i have an 06 foreman 500 what do i need to buy i was wanting about 4 inch lift or so.
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a custom lift will need to be made, extended a-arms, axles, swingarm, driveshalf and mounts for the shocks. the foreman can't handle a 4" lift in factory form.
well do need to just get that lift kit high lifter has it says it will lift it about 2 inches
one of my friends has a foreman with bout 4 inches or lift. highliter lift kit. springs and spring spacers. plus 30inch mudlites;
the HL kit is only 2" tall and the lift springs and spacers will only keep the shock extended to there full lenght. A double lift will bottom out the balljoint and the axles. Even with the lift and springs, it will trash the inboard cup from the axle rubbing against the cir-clip that holds the cage inside it making it hard to replace a busted boot if and when it ever happens.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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