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I need a trunk

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I finaly decided I need a box on my quad. A friend of mine has a polaris with a box made specificaly for it. Nice setup as far as fit but its awfully cheaply made for what it cost. I need it to ba able to fit an axe, small shovel (same rough length as the axe) small tool kit, and a bunch of other random stuff. There are COUNTLESS different options I am finding and have no idea what is built well and well usable. This will go on my foreman 450. it is fairly important that the box doesnt make my quad any wider or longer (or atleast not much so) as I ride in some tight spots. So please post some sugestions of well built boxes that fit the bill. More space is better as long as it isnt insanely huge. Thanks
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Kimpex makes some good boxes there on the expensive side but alot of my freinds have them and hold up really well. They have all kinds of diffrent sizes.
make your own...i did for under $30....let me find my pics...
box came from walmart, foam from a school bus seat, u bolts and some marine grade vinyl....

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