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i need a GooD opinion

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has anyone tried to extend theyre own driveshafts or axles gorilla said they would break, but you cant ask them theyre trying to sell something if i use 4340 same size bars they use and cut my old axles off at the boot and welded in the right length (extended) bars do you think theyed hold up. (i know a good welder) I want to extend the axles 9-10'' make like a 6-7'' lift same w/ the driveshaft (keeping sra converting is to expensive)
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I'm not sure if that will work because you can't weld hardened steel because it usually breaks that's a tough one
have access to a machince shop or anything could try just makeing new axle bars would be stronger then welding them
if you had the axle bar annealed first then cut right in the middle and added 4130 or similar steel ,welded and had it re heat treated back to a good temper . then it would be good. but i think the air space in the new tubing would need a vented with a small hole . or buy a gorilla .
alot of people do it, but the bikes are so wide that they are not trail friendly. The factory cups cant handle much angle, so the more you add to the axle shalfs the wider you get. IMO They will not hold up to the stress.
i aint worried about that ill leave them at the same angle i just need to know if theyre strong enough.
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