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i know its not a honda but...

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how big of tires do you think i could put on a kawasaki baoyu 220 and what kind do ya'll think?
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Should be close to the Recon..I think someone said that 25's would go without a lift...
ok..yea i was tryin to get a new atv but no money so i figured id fix the ole' kawi up a bit
i also have the 220 i am going to put a 3 inch lift on mine and run some 25or 27 BKT wings or ITP mud lites have not made up my mind yet.
about how much would a 3 in lift and new tires run?
the tires will run about 220-260 the lift i will build myself.
I have 24" on my recon with a lift kit. I doubt 25" would fit without a lift unless you heated & bent or cutoff some plastic.
yea i should be gettin paid this weekend so ima try to chack into some tires and maybe a lift
25's will fit the recon with a 2 inch lift and a little plastic removal around the floor board
thats what i am running on my recon. The bayou is the wifes thats why i am not real sure on the tire size yet. I do know that the tires will be at least 25's
i think the bayou might have a lil more room for 25 without a lift.......i was lookin at mine yesterday and i think they might fit with about 1" to spare
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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