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I have narrowed my choices down to 2 tires for my Foreman400

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I bought new rims for it after sanding the old ones for hours on end and not getting to the bottom of the rust. I bought original equipment 11 inch rims. I am going to put either Good Year Tracker ATT like they came with stock or I am gonna put Good Year Mudrunners on it. The ATT's were 24 inchers stock. The Mudrunners will be 25 inchers. What do you all think?
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I'd go with the mudrunners to have a more aggressive all-terrain tire that is still close to stock. I have narrowed my tire decision down to the interco swamplites on ITP C-serires 7 rims. My stock tires have had it! I looked at the mudrunners, and they looked pretty good to me. Let us know how they do if you decide to go with them.
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