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I have found out why Rubicons cut off when in water!

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Ight it took me a long time and alot of sinking my o6 rubicon in the river to figure this out. But if you take the seat off and remove the lil rubber cover that covers the carb. If you are standing at the back of the 4-wheeler looking at the carb. there will be 2 vent lines on the front one comes from the left side and folds over to the right and the other one comes from the right side and folds over the left. if you take a "Y" vent line connector (you can get them from any parts house) and connect them together and run one single line up to the gauge pod you will not have anymore probloms. I did the same and had a snorkit from put on and i havent had a problum yet. (p.s. do not run your vent lines to you air box it will put a vacum on them and it will run like **** )
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Welcome bradylandusa

Thanks for the tip
how did that snorkit kit install???? i would love to see some pics of the install... 135 bucks seems a little steep for some PVC pipe.....
I dont have any pics of the install yet but it was very easy only a lil trimming on the platics and inner fender but i will get some pics on here
i used the triangle snorkel on mine too but it blocks the oil fill and dipstick so i did some modifying so it can be removed easily to access them. i bought a 2" to 2" rubber adapter and cut the bottom piece and removed a little section.

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hey i was looking for a 2" rubber coupler but i cant find one in any parts house....... i was going to do that right after i did it but couldnt find a pipe.. but i am still on the look out for one.
i bought mine at home depot and the should have it at any plumbing, home improvement or hardware store its a pretty common peice
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